• Inside Sales Lead Generation: Sales Accountability and Involvement

    In order to achieve a successful inside sales lead generation program, businesses need to set clear expectations with sales reps on what needs to be accomplished.  This can be done through establishing sales benchmarks as well as a well-defined and documented process.  Allowing the sales group to be involved in these discussions can help drive results as they essentially  ‘own’ it and businesses can rest assured that the expectations are realistic.

    It is important to create inside sales rep benchmarks early in the process to help drive rep accountability. Establishing inside sales rep benchmarks is crucial to confidently and accurately track and measure lead generation results. Setting benchmarks enables managers to track sales rep progress, forecast lead generation results and determine if action plans are needed to address any gaps. Benchmarks also allow sales to easily alter a lead generation program if necessary.

    It is crucial in inside sales lead generation that sales teams are held accountable to drive results through a well-defined and documented process. This means meeting frequently with inside sales reps to discuss successes, challenges, and addressing any concerns. It is important to document what was discussed and any mutually agreed upon action plans. Keep in mind that encouraging sales rep involvement and collaboration will empower the inside sales professional as they have helped to establish the goals that they are meant to achieve.

    What are your thoughts? How does your business hold inside sales teams accountable? What do you find works best to get inside sales involvement?