• Inside Sales Lead Generation: Cold Call Scripting & Collaboration

    The best inside sales lead generation campaigns become successful through a well-defined cold call process and through collaboration with sales managers and the sales team. A well thought out process should include call guide (scripting) creation and live and recorded call monitoring sessions with the inside sales professionals.

    In an inside sales lead generation environment, a well-defined process includes a vetted call guide coupled with best practices on how to handle each opportunity. Each team of sales professionals is provided with call scripting that assists in directing the call towards a positive outcome. The call guide provides examples of questions that work to uncover budget, buying authority, timeline to purchase and prospect pains, leading towards a more in-depth conversation in each discussion. The more in-depth conversations inside sales professionals have with prospects, the more likely they are to convert from a lead to a sale.

    In order to determine the effectiveness of a call guide, live and recorded call monitoring sessions must take place between managers and the inside sales professionals. Sales managers can collaborate with the inside sales reps to discuss how the conversations utilizing the call scripting have progressed. A joint effort also helps determine the effectiveness of qualifying
    the lead and the flow of the call to ensure everything makes sense.  Having manager and sales involvement also provides an opportunity to discuss call strengths and missed opportunities.

    What best practices can you share about your inside sales lead generation efforts? Do you see the significance of a call guide and manager and inside sales professional collaboration?