• Inside Sales: 5 Tips for Effective Calls

    Calling into prospects can be an extremely effective way to move leads into the sales pipeline. On the flip side, if executed incorrectly, it can be a huge waste of resources, time and money. Make sure your inside sales calls have a positive impact, and drive the results you are after. Here are 5 tips to making effective sales calls.

    1. Use experienced professionals: When trying to reach senior level executives, it is important that you do not use junior level callers. Hire [or outsource] experienced professionals to connect with your leads, who can hold their weight in a live conversation and maintain a dialogue with top tier executives.
    2. Do your homework: Before reaching out to any lead via phone, it is important that the inside sales professional has done their due diligence and researched the company. Before calling, the person should have a solid foundation for what it is the company they are calling does and ideas on how your product/service can best fit into the mix.
    3. Have something to offer: When connecting with a lead, it is important that you have something to offer, either as the reason you called, or as a follow up to your conversation. Being able to connect again, as a next step following the call, will help to extend interactions and keep the lead engaged.
    4. Be prepared for questions: Calls will traditionally move beyond a call script. Ensure your inside sales professionals are prepared to answer any questions they may receive by keeping them well versed in your business and industry trends. It is also important to train them on an appropriate response for times in which they do not know the answer.
    5. Capture valuable data: A live connect with any lead is a rare opportunity to capture key information that can be leveraged in future sales efforts. Before making the call, prepare a list of a few important questions and have your inside sales people try to work them in and capture as much data during the conversation as possible.

    Whether you have an internal team or leverage inside sales outsourcing services, these tips will help you be even more effective.  Have additional tips?  Please contact Invenio Solutions® and share the with us- we would enjoy to hear from you!