• Increase Lead Generation with Pro-Active Opt-In Strategies

    Building a list of qualified leads and continuing to grow this list is an ongoing task. One of the most common strategies for increasing lead generation through building an opt-in list consists of placing a form on a website, and hoping that visitors stumble across it and have enough interest in your product/service to fill it out. While this approach generates results, it typically relies on inbound traffic. If there are little or no integrated marketing efforts increasing your flow of inbound traffic, it can often result in slow growth of qualified leads.

    Move beyond passive database building strategies, and take your database into your own hands by executing strategic outbound campaigns to increase opt-ins and generate more qualified leads. Examples of outbound lead generation campaigns include:

    Calling Campaigns into Key Organizations: Live conversations are priceless, and when it comes to uncovering new contacts and identifying leads that match your targeted profile, using telemarketing is often the best method for the job.

    Emails to Current Subscribers: Generating leads by referrals is one of the best ways to fill your database with qualified leads. To encourage referrals, it is important to make sure email communications feature forward to a friend buttons prominently positioned.

    Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing can have significant results when it comes to lead generation, as postings can be easily shared with a follower’s personal network. This means, your message, if found of interest and value, can reach multiple new leads, in a matter of minutes, and continue to multiply as it is passed from potential lead to potential lead.

    When executing outbound lead generation campaigns, make sure you execute them on a regular basis and always offer something of value to increase your opt-in results. Examples offers to increase your lead generation results include:

    • Educational Webinars, Whitepapers and Articles
    • Regional Seminars or Online Events
    • Industry Reports/Study Findings
    • Customer Case Studies

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