• Increase B2B Lead Generation Success Through Sharing

    Have you ever discouraged a lead from reading your materials? Often times marketers focus on capturing lead information and when providing educational materials about products or services like whitepapers, brochures, etc., they strategically place them behind a form to do just that. While this method may work well for B2B lead generation, in is not uncommon for the form to discourage a significant amount of these leads from taking that next step, reducing your overall exposure, and most likely affecting your bottom line. In some cases, it may be best to move away from these traditional lead capturing methods, open up access and share your materials to increase visibility, and more importantly the amount of leads generated.

    In fact, while attending the BtoB’s Digital Edge: A Virtual Tradeshow for Marketers, during the keynote presentation by David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of Marketing & PR for B-2-B, he touched on this exact topic. As part of his presentation, he encouraged attendees to think differently about how they create online content. David discussed the importance of encouraging sharing of materials in what he referred to as “Word of Mouse.” In his presentation, he went on to discuss that marketers should create materials readers are eager to share and focus on measuring overall exposure, instead of focusing on measuring the amount of leads generated.

    So, the point of this is not to suggest you remove all lead capture forms from your website and abandon methods that have worked for you in the past. Instead, it is to encourage you to reevaluate some areas where you may be limiting your lead generation efforts by discouraging leads to access your materials. When possible, open up and share your marketing materials to help the message spread more broadly and, ultimately, reach more potential leads to increase your exposure and B2B lead generation success.