• In-sourcing vs. Outsourcing Telemarketing: Weighing the Options

    As companies focus on uncovering more qualified leads and nurturing them to a close, the need for telemarketing becomes even more apparent. While the need is there and the benefits of having a telemarketing team are readily seen by most, there is often a debate on whether to in-source or outsource telemarketing. In this post, I’ve highlighted some pros of each option.

    In-sourcing Telemarketing: The Upside
    Setting up a telemarketing team in-house can offer benefits in the right situation, they include:
    * Call reps are 100% dedicated to your project.
    * Call reps are down the hall, rather than across town or across the country.
    * Call reps are behind the “firewall,” making it easy to access business systems like order history and inventory programs.
    * In-house teams make it easier to leverage existing personnel, infrastructure and traditional sales systems.

    Outsourcing Telemarketing: The Upside
    Leveraging the expertise of an external telemarketing partner has major benefits including:
    * You can control the flow of leads your sales reps receive.
    * You can get up and running quickly without a lot of upfront investment.
    * You can test new programs without impacting existing operations.
    * You gain immediate access to experienced and trained call professionals.
    * You work with call experts who have the background, experience and technology to ensure the call campaign is successful from the get go.
    * No additional office space and equipment is needed since you aren’t adding any new employees.

    Are there any others that come to mind for you? I’d appreciate hearing them as we speak with marketers everyday who are thinking through the pros and cons of each direction.
    For all, the ultimate goal is to generate more qualified leads and to do so quickly and cost effectively. For those that choose to outsource with the Lead Dogs, including Orbitz for Business, the results speak for themselves. “The Lead Dogs helps us keep Sales lean and productive, shaving a remarkable two months off of our Sales cycle. Year after year they continue to exceed goals and provide us with between a 300 to 500% ROI,” shared Phil Hammer, Regional Sales Director.