• In Lead Generation There are 2 Main Reasons Businesses Will Purchase

    In our experience with lead generation, we’ve discovered that there are multiple reasons why businesses will make a buying decision. However, when we break this down, it seems people tend to purchase for only two reasons – sheer curiosity or having an admitted pain, where a solution is needed to resolve it.

    Curiosity –People are curious by nature, so it is not uncommon in lead generation to find a prospect that wants to find out whether or not the purchase will provide a solution to a business problem. Will it increase the level of employee productivity or generate a level of greater job satisfaction?  Tailoring sales questions that address these issues will help convert a prospect into a closed sale.

    Pain – The other reason, if not the most common reason a B2B prospect will decide to purchase is due to experiencing a problem without a solution. Prospects in this situation are more willing to listen to a sales pitch and consider the benefits if they are dissatisfied with what they have.

    What do you normally hear from your sales team regarding the reasons why prospects decide to make a purchase? Do you agree that prospect curiosity and pain have a lot to do with it?