• Improve Email Marketing Results Through Split Testing

    With email becoming a more prevalent form of marketing due to its low cost, ease of distribution and immediate insight into effectiveness, recipients are inundated each day with communications. As a result, they are becoming very selective about what they read in their inbox.

    For our own organization and for Invenio clients, we use email regularly as part of our integrated marketing campaigns [we use email for lead generation and lead nurturing in conjunction with our B2B telemarketing efforts at it consistently helps to lift results by prioritizing our calling efforts on those with the most interest first].

    As part of our marketing efforts, Invenio is a big proponent of split list testing and in every communication we send out, we are testing something! The outcomes have been interesting and enlightening to say the least.

    Whenever we have a chance to hear what others are doing to- we always learn something new as well. In a recent webcast hosted by Pinpointe on the topic there were some great takeaways for B2B lead generation using email. Many of these points we have in practice today but there were a few “Aha’s!” for us as well which we will test going forward.

    Here are some email best practices shared on the webinar specifically for B2B marketing:

    The From Line:
    -Open and click rates increase and unsubscribe rates decrease when using an individual female name as the send from instead of a company name or even a male name
    -A more common female name does even better than just using a name in general

    The Subject line:
    -The length of the subject line had the greatest impact on open rates
    -The sweet spot seems to be between 4o to max of 50 characters
    -In testing, there seemed to be a 25-45% uplift on shorter subject lines

    The send time:
    -the highest click through rates were a result of those emails sent in the morning
    -the best days of the week to send are consistently Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday