• How To Successfully Launch A Healthcare Business Development Program

    When looking to team up with an outsourced sales partner to launch an improved healthcare business development program, look for the program to include the following six critical steps:

    Step 1: Diagnostic Discovery

    Your outsourced sales partner should initially take time to understand your business needs and what problems it’s able to solve for you. Perhaps you need to close the revenue gap, net new customers, gain more market penetration or need support for your sales channel.

    Your sales partner should be asking what you’ve tried, what you haven’t tried, as well as what’s worked and failed as a result. Your partner should also have a firm understanding of the financials involved, along with your average field size, sales cycle and the complexity of your current sales process.

    Step 2: Proposal Of Services
    After conducting a diagnostic discovery of your business needs and issues you need to resolve, your outsourced sales partner should step back, evaluate its breadth of services and expertise, and outline what core services will address your immediate needs.

    If your sales partner is apt to take a cookie-cutter approach to helping you, that’s a red flag. Its services should be customizable, and the proposal of services must be tailored to your specific needs, right down to the number of additional sellers it recommends for your team.

    Step 3: Delivery Of Program Tactics

    Once the proposal for your healthcare business development program is agreed upon, your outsourced sales partner should work closely with you and your medical sales team to implement program tactics and logistics.

    The delivery phase incorporates operational and sales perspectives, from developing email campaigns to creating a training program, recruiting strategies and compensation structures that align with your business goals. These program tactics should be based on a finely honed formula that includes the best sales processes for today’s buyer behavior.

    Step 4: Benchmarks For Program Review

    Just like the proposal of services was tailored to your business needs, as your business grows or the industry faces change, you may identify a need to shift your healthcare sales strategy. That’s why you need an outsourced sales partner with scalable, customizable services.

    First and foremost, benchmarking ensures you’re meeting the objectives set forth in the program details. However, when things come up (and they always do), your sales partner should know how to make quick adjustments. In fact, your partner should know the warning signs and see issues before they happen. That only happens by keeping a close eye on your business development program.

    Step 5: Ongoing Program Adjustments As Needed

    Even though you’re outsourcing certain aspects of your medical B2B sales process, you are still an internal service provider for your own organization. You have to deliver something back to the company, be it in the form of revenue, more “at bats,” a shortening of the sales cycle or engaging partners to sell more and sell faster.

    Companies in the industry of creating and producing medical devices are like battleships that can’t move in the ocean very quickly. Your outsourced sales partner is the speedboat, knowing how to make turns and twists faster than your entire company can to adjust to what the market is asking for.

    Step 6: Closing The Loop

    Ongoing feedback is huge for sales teams, and your outsourced sales partner should make this part of the program’s strategy. When you have sales experts talking with your customers, they know what’s being said about your product. In this way, your sales partner is able to ensure your actions as a sales team are perfectly aligned with the marketplace.

    Closing the feedback loop helps solidify your overall healthcare sales strategy.
    When looking for expert guidance on launching a new and improved healthcare business development program for your medical device company, you want a program that includes the above steps.

    With the guidance of tenured sales experts, you have a partner capable of developing a solid program. At the same time, your sales partner is nimble in making necessary adjustments and expanding or retracting services based on your own business goals.

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