• How To Employ Outsourcing To Sell Business Internet Services

    Often, growing your telecommunications business in-house isn’t a viable option.

    These days, telecom providers face fierce competition when closing new deals for business Internet services (and business phone services), and retaining those customers can be just as difficult. That’s where an outsourced sales partner helps out.

    As business telecom costs are decreasing and speeds are increasing from improved networks, outsourcing sales helps your telecom business stay ahead of the curve with capturing new customers and leads.

    So, how do you make the most of an outsourced telecom sales channel? Here are four ways to get started.

    1. Look For A Partner, Not Just A Vendor

    When trying to find the right outsourced sales solution, it’s critical you search for a true business partnership and not just another vendor relationship. You should also seek out a partner who knows and understands the business telecom segment intimately.

    Start your search by using an aggregator or facilitator who helps you with the Request for Information (RFI) process and matches you with the right partner for your business needs. Avoid the full Request for Proposal (RFP) process since that may end up taking too long.

    2. Ensure Your Lead Pool Is Large Enough

    Before you hire an outsourced partner to sell your business Internet services or other telecom services, confirm that the number of leads in your target industry is big enough to capture the business you’re after.

    You might have hired the best telecom sales partner in the world, but if the pool of available leads isn’t large enough, it won’t matter. Before you hire, research the lead capacity of your target industry so once you sign the agreement with an outsourcer, you see success in no time.

    3. Establish KPIs Early On, And Diligently Track Them

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the lifeblood of any outsourced telecom sales program. These critical sales metrics should be established early on in your engagement with a potential partner so that expectations are outlined well ahead of time.

    Then, once your engagement is underway, you should have daily, weekly and monthly check-in meetings about the various levels of your KPIs. With solid sales metrics established upfront, you’re able to easily track the progress (or lack thereof) with a particular segment, industry vertical or your sales program as a whole.

    4. Tap Into A Technical Sales Force

    Choosing the right outsourcer for your business Internet sales should be about more than just geographic proximity to your business. Rather, it should be about tapping into the technical expertise of a particular region, even if that region isn’t close to your headquarters.

    In the case of telecom sales and marketing, you need a sales force hired from a highly technical demographic, such as Austin, Texas. Often deemed, “the San Francisco of the Midwest,” Austin has a large number of sales people who understand telecom technicalities, IT infrastructure and related software needs. No matter where your business is headquartered, your best bet is to tap into a technical sales force to sell your telecom services. Not only do technically savvy telecom sales specialists help you outsell the fierce competition, they give your in-house team time to close more deals.

    Outsourcing sales of business Internet services or other telecom offerings is an important decision– and can be an especially smart one if you choose the right outsourcer. One that is a partner with processes and people in place to fully commit to helping your sales efforts.

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