• How The Affordable Care Act Impacts Your Healthcare Sales Strategy

    As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), entire companies, hospitals and a vast number of professionals are restructuring the way they handle medical billing aspects, as well as new technologies and integration platforms.

    As the ACA creates a new requirement, such as with medical billing, hospitals and healthcare facilities are thinking, “We need to figure something out … today.”

    Your Sales Challenge: Speed To Market For Your New Product

    Much in the same way the ACA made electronic medical records mandatory – which opened up a whole new industry of businesses creating software to capture and maintain medical records electronically – new medical billing presents similar opportunities.

    The opportunity lies in developing and selling new medical billing software that is compliant and ready to be implemented at the onset. The alternative is sticking with the old medical billing company that is retooling its software to bill correctly, which certainly comes with a fair amount of frustrations.

    If you have a new medical billing software product, or other technology relevant to new requirements set forth by the ACA, you need to get that product to the marketplace as quickly as possible.

    Technology changes are fast and the landscape can be competitive to address the ACA requirements. And, while “quickly as possible” is not exactly a sound healthcare sales strategy, speed to market is the most important challenge to face up front.

    Is your current medical sales team able to spring into action with a prospect reach that’s hyper-focused and targeted toward the right healthcare professionals?

    Outsourcing: A Proven Healthcare Sales Strategy

    While outsourcing may seem like an expense you don’t want to take on when you have an in-house medical sales team, you risk wasting too much time and energy trying to determine how to reach the right decision-makers who need your product. Your speed to market is essentially slowed down in a time when it needs stealth.

    Outsourcing to a team of sales experts helps you promote your ACA solutions. The sales experts are knowledgeable about introducing your product to the most appropriate decision-makers to get you moving in the right direction.

    Your outsourced team also picks up training your in-house sales team. This training should address the specific challenges of the medical sales process, so your in-house team identifies the right people and asks the right questions at the right time to drive the sales process.

    Once the program gets running, the outsourced team also learns the benefits of your medical billing product or other ACA solution to become specialists in that area. This means everyone involved is able to speak intelligently on behalf of the pains the ACA has introduced to healthcare professionals and your product’s solutions to those pains.

    That’s where the real dialogue with your prospects begins.

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