• How Telecom Service Providers Can Boost Their B2B Sales Processes

    As a telecom service provider, you have faced ongoing market challenges since 2000. Given this economic reality, which has shaped providers’ business priorities, many carriers are now considering alternatives for improving the performance of their B2B sales process.

    The following are primary improvements to telecom sales that need to happen in order to stay competitive in your industry:

    1. Improve Your Telecom Sales Staffing Efficiencies

    For any business, staffing effectively and efficiently is a difficult balancing act. When your staffing performance is out of sorts, you spend more money on recruiting, interviewing and training.

    Also, if you’re rushing to fill your telecom sales positions due to rapid growth or high attrition rates, the result is underperforming employees and employee churn, creating a revolving door, which leads to wasted resources.

    Staffing efficiencies stem from years of experience hiring B2B sales professionals inside and outside of telecom. Outsourced sales services also utilize:

    • Standardized testing and data-driven candidate profile parameters
    • Trained managers utilizing behavioral interview techniques
    • Flexible and adaptable recruiters experienced in high-volume program ramps
    • Maintenance of client recruiting needs
    • Predictive recruiting forecasts

    If you don’t have internal staffing efficiencies in place, look for outsourced sales services. By partnering with a highly skilled inside sales team of professionals, you get a streamlined, strategic sales approach that works alongside today’s new buyer behavior.

    2. Create Effective Workforce Management Processes

    The B2B sales process is much more complex than simply placing cold calls all day. You have to evaluate inbound and outbound calls as well as key metrics for online traffic. To accelerate the pace of your workforce management process, you need the right tools.

    In telecom sales, you no doubt spend a lot of resources on trying to fix process inefficiencies. Workforce management is essential to the success of outbound, inbound and web form programs. The management of the established call plan or response time is directly correlated to success in telecom programs. Closely monitoring activity with effective metrics and actions ensures goals are achieved on a daily basis.

    With outsourced sales providers, you’re ensured experienced and skilled management experts who have the proven tools and ability to quickly and effectively process telecom sales inquiries.

    Worried that outsourced sales providers aren’t well versed in telecom sales? Remember that being a subject matter expert on a particular sale is an outsourced sales provider’s job.

    3. Gain Control Over Your CRM Experience

    Is your B2B sales process bogged down by inaccurate data? Do you have databases that allow you to document sales so you see a history of telecom service addresses?

    The effectiveness of your telecom sales is directly related to your database building, which should be up to date and targeted. However, building a database that’s 100% accurate is intensely time-consuming without the proper tools in place.

    Outsourced sales providers commonly offer services to validate or update your existing database, customize your database to telecom sales specifics and develop highly targeted database lists to improve your B2B sales process.

    As telecom service providers must re-evaluate the B2B sales process business model, outsourced sales are becoming the go-to alternative to create more efficient processes and reduce costs. In this tough economic landscape, outsourcing is the way to stay competitive and achieve growth goals.

    4. Reduce Your Cost-Per-Sale

    No matter what kind of telecom service provider you are – wireline, wireless, long-distance or even a small carrier – sales generated by your marketing/advertising investment are likely eating up a massive amount of your budget.

    How do you reduce your cost-per-sale and still remain competitive?

    Today, there are strategic marketing automation services that uncover and nurture qualified sales leads. With the right proprietary tools designed to create demand within the online marketplace, telecom service providers can reduce their cost-per-sale. By leveraging automation tools, forecasting methods and dependable data, you’re able to drive a highly targeted online marketing and advertising campaign.

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