• How Long From Launch to Traction for an Appointment Setting Program: Part 2

    In part 1 of the 2 part series How Sales Operations relates to Sales Success in Appointment Setting Programs, we tackled the average close rate question and shifted our focus to cost ratio as the true answer.

    In part 2 we’ll examine the second question most frequently asked of a Senior Operations Manager – How long will it take for my sales program to gain traction?

    sales traction to ROI

    You want to know how long it will take from the time we stand up a sales program for you to gaining traction.  Traction is the point that you feel confident that your investment in a sales endeavor is moving in the right direction.  Sales Traction is not mature ROI, it’s the point where confidence in your sales investment begins to grow.  As time passes the talk tracks are producing conversations; sales activities are producing opportunities which bolsters pipeline and like a chemical reaction the right mix of elements are now producing bottom line sales results.

    So how long will it take? The short answer is that it depends on you, it depends on your organization and it depends on your product/service.  As a Marketing and Sales professional turned Operations Catalyst, I’ll revert to some sales skills and respond to a question with more questions.  Consider:

    • What is your comfort level with sharing important aspects and specifics of your sale? Is there data from other channels or previous efforts that will be instrumental in initiating another revenue generating channel? Partnership will be essential to maximizing your investment.
    • Why is the length of time to sales traction important to you? Is there a deadline looming? Is there a particular level of success or sales goal that you want to achieve this year or next? Transparency of expectations will directly correlate to sales program success.
    • Most importantly, what are the specifics of your sale?
      • Average revenue per transaction
      • Length of the sale
      • Number of resources you want dedicated to the sales effort
      • Time frame for this sales investment
      • World of prospects – volume and diversification

    The specifics of your sale will allow a sales partner to project when sales traction will occur and ultimately forecast ROI.

    Invenio Solutions® utilizes a Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing ROI Tool.  It’s like a scientific tool allowing you to apply a formula to and get a visual timeline for initiating sales efforts, targeting sales traction and ROI time frame formulation.  When plugging in sales specifics you can visually see where the investment in a sales effort has less than zero ROI, then sales traction occurs and ROI escalates.

    Whether you are using Sales Science to answer the sales traction question or you are trusting a partner based on reputation, I suggest your answer includes partnership, transparency and a strong focus on the specific metrics of your sale.