How Healthcare Product Managers Benefit

From An Outsourced Sales Partner

Whether you’re selling medical devices or SaaS products to hospitals, physicians, clinics and specialty practices, as a healthcare product manager, you may be facing more than a few sales process challenges.

Product managers and CEOs alike are looking for the following from their medical sales process:

  • A strategic competitive advantage
  • Speed to market for new products
  • Access to expertise to improve sales effectiveness

If you are seeking a well-oiled sales engine that’s driven toward annual revenue cycles of $100 million or higher, a strategic partnership with an outsourced sales partner is the machine that can generate additional revenue by bolstering the quality and quantity of leads in your sales pipeline.

Solutions Selling: The Benefits Of An Outsourced Sales Partner

As a healthcare product manager or CEO, you are mostly focused on creating new software or medical devices, and are highly knowledgeable in terms of educating someone on the intricacies within these products. However, it’s at this point where the sales process starts to lose momentum.

While it’s important to drop in and educate healthcare professionals about your product, you simply can’t leave the conversation there in the hopes you’ve convinced someone to make a purchasing decision.

At this point, you need guidance on proven lead generation and appointment setting strategies. That’s where an outsourced sales partner is going help you qualify leads and pass along warmed-up, sales-ready prospects to your closers.

Even if your company has an inside sales department, the outsourced partnership is there to supplement your sales process, and act as an extension of your team.

By outsourcing to sales experts, you may use them for areas of weakness you’ve identified, whether for appointment setting or lead generation. Also, in the event you want some serious growth, your outsourced sales partner provides additional guidance and support, from crafting your sales strategy to implementation from top to bottom of the sales funnel.

The level of partnership is contingent on your needs and revenue goals, as the outsourced sales partner is trained for all aspects of solutions selling.

The Cost Benefit Of An Outsourced Sales Partner

There are obvious benefits to having an expert to lean on for your sales process, especially when harnessing their ability to ramp up your team and bring your products to market much faster.

Other cost-related benefits include:

  • A reduction in direct expenses as the outsourced partner leverages economies of scale
  • A reduction of indirect expenses associated with recruiting, training, maintaining and supporting your sales department
  • A shift to variable cost of sales, based on scalable services and freeing up capital for other investments

The cost benefit and strategic acumen of a sales partner are why many large and mid-market healthcare companies choose outsourcing over struggling to retain these operations in-house. Profitable, high-growth companies understand that outsourcing to experts helps build a successful sales team more effectively and efficiently.

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