• Guiding Sales Calls with Call Guides to Close Business More Effectively

    Call guides are a staple within most telesales organizations. Usually it’s what a lead generation company defines as their “special sauce” due to it holding the key to successful sales calls. In our organization, with the multitude of clients we service and the expertise of our employees, we have created call guides and scripts from scratch for many years. In order to remain best in class, we hire people for their experience, give them the tools necessary to succeed and then encourage them to tailor these guides to their specific client as necessary.

    From our years of experience, we’ve found that it is advantageous for our sales teams if call guides and scripting focus on the following subject matter:

    • Leaving a Voicemail
    • Introduction
    • Value Proposition
    • Transition Questions and Pain
    • Conclusion/Next Steps

    It is imperative to catch a prospect’s attention within the first thirty seconds of each call. That’s why sales teams need to leave quality voicemail messages that entice prospects to call them back. When lead generation sales teams are able to speak to a decision maker, they must have a strong opening that clearly states who they are and why they are calling.

    An effective value proposition is needed in order to set your organization apart. What makes you different from your competitors? Why are you a leader in your industry? Value proposition statements need to be concise and articulated in one to two sentences. Conveying this message in a call guide will help sales relay the important value message to prospects. This is an opportunity for sales to hook them into the sales offer, making prospects want to purchase.
    Once prospects are interested in learning more, sales teams transition prospects into a state of pain. This is an effective approach to uncover pain points by asking the right types of questions to determine if there is a real business need. Pain questions force prospects to feel the need to make a change – a change that partners them with your organization. Something that we have found is effective for our high tech sales teams is:

    “Part of my role is to support you and address any questions or issues concerning deployment of our software. We’ve heard from some of our customers that they’ve had difficulty deploying software they own. Are you witnessing the same issues?”

    “How did the deployment process work for you? Did you have any issues? What do you plan to deploy next?”

    “What is the main concern keeping you from deploying your software? How will that affect your employee productivity if it’s not fixed? How will it affect your goals and your bottom line?”

    The prospect’s answers to these questions will help determine the flow of the sales conversation. If the prospect is at a point where they are ready to purchase, sales teams can begin to conclude the conversation and determine next steps. However if the prospect is still hesitant to move forward in the sales process, lead generation sales reps can address this by using the same techniques listed above to clarify any additional concerns.

    Sales call guides have been imperative to the success of our client sales teams. We find that sales reps are more comfortable getting on the phones to speak with prospects because they know how to guide the conversation into closed revenue.

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