• Give Your Sales Organization a Gift That Keeps on Giving

    Does your sales organization beg for campaigns aimed at generating leads in their territory? Of course they do – it’s what should lead to big bucks for them!

    So why not help them and your company by giving them a gift that will last all year – orchestrate a program in each region specifically designed to get them in the door of their top 50 accounts.

    1. Have your sales organization send you their top 50 accounts with any contacts that they have.
    2. Research each target account to identify the contact(s) responsible for purchasing your category of product. This is also a great time to identify valuable company information such as revenue, employees, additional sites, etc.
    3. Send a targeted direct mail piece to each contact – customizing as much as possible to reflect the information gleaned from step 2.
    4. Conduct conversations by phone with each target account designed to qualify what opportunities exist and who is involved.
    5. Schedule follow-up next steps with prospects depending on their level of interest and agreed next steps.

    When all goes as planned you may actually find a model worth replicating each quarter. What a perfect way to help your sales organization all year long — with a process that continuously produces appointments for the sales organization and revenue for you.

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