• The Gift of Holiday Sales Outsourcing: Increased Sales Revenue

    Whatever you call it – appointment setting, inside sales, or cold calling, a telephone lead generation program is a critical business operation for filling your sales pipeline. That’s especially true during the holidays, when sales can be overwhelming.

    Partnering with a lead-generation marketing, sales appointment-setting, and closing-sales provider for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales can be essential to your organization’s future success.

    The Time is Now!

    The day after Thanksgiving has long been known as Black Friday and it’s considered the gateway to the high-volume sales period that runs through Christmas sales. If your business experiences higher-than-normal sales during the holidays, outsourcing lead generation can give your sales and marketing teams the help they need while helping your business increase sales revenue.

    The most valuable asset your business has is its customers, so efficiently managing sales during busy times is crucial. Using the right outsourcing partner to handle the extra burden can be a game-changer for your sales results, as well as your bottom line.

    The holidays are right around the corner, so there’s no time to wait if you want to ensure your organization is best prepared for a spike in sales opportunities.

    The Advantages of Outsourcing Sales Tasks

    Strategies vary by industry, but joining forces with a lead generation partner has many useful advantages:

    • Partnering with sales experts who have built-in efficiencies allows you to reduce the cost of sales. You profit by avoiding the expenses like hiring, training, and benefits involved in employing internal staff.
    • From appointment-setting to closing sales, the Inveniologists™ at Invenio Solutions bring the analytics, metrics, and methodologies you need to identify and prioritize leads while giving your business its greatest profit, revenue, and ROI.
    • Outsourcing sales tasks give your employees time to focus on other, more important business: exploring new markets, developing new products and services, rolling out new offerings, and gaining new proficiencies.

    A lead-generation marketing, sales appointment-setting, and closing sales provider has developed specialized techniques and understands the latest trends and best practices necessary to manage pipelines and convert qualified leads to sales. At Invenio Solutions, our primary focus is helping you build better relationships and efficiently move prospects through the sales funnel. We want to show you how easy it is to expand your sales reach and effectiveness with our customizable sales outsourcing services.

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    Partnering with an outside team to concentrate exclusively on the specifics of sales frees your internal sales and marketing teams to focus on other areas critical to your organization’s bottom line, including expanding your business to new markets and refining conversion methods to increase sales performance and scalability.

    Outsourcing sales during the busy holiday season can help your organization scale faster; in fact, nearly 80% of companies that outsource report it increases call and sale volume. Invenio Solutions excels in gaining entry to and engaging with your targeted audience’s decision makers.

    If you want to quickly grow your inside sales team, break into new markets, and scale without headaches, contact us today. There’s no time like now to start reaping the benefits of inside sales without having to develop and manage a holiday season team.

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