• Getting Results with A Personal Approach: 3 Ways Your Outsourced Sales Provider Can Maximize Every Connect

    Every prospect is different, so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sales approach. It is important to ensure that your outsourced sales provider is making the most out of every connection with a prospect and is using a personalized approach. There are 3 keys to taking a personal sales approach that they should always be following.

    1. Understand the Process
    Many companies, especially large enterprises and corporations, have a set process in place that must occur in any purchasing decision. Since each company is different, it is essential to know how the prospect’s buying cycle functions. Especially if this is the first time interacting with the company, it is important for a sales provider to understand how to ensure that your company is involved in the consideration phase of the purchasing decision.

    2. Know who’s Involved
    In addition to the actual process involved, it is important to understand which people within the company are involved in making the decision. This knowledge will help guide a sales rep’s initial inquiries into the company, as they will know exactly who you need to talk to, instead of having to spend valuable time talking to irrelevant employees who will be unable to influence the process.

    3. Don’t be Generic
    It is important to remember that each prospect is different and that there is not one sales pitch that will work for all companies. Avoiding a generic sales pitch gives sales team the ability to personalize their approach, tailoring their technique to adapt to a prospect’s unique needs and processes. By focusing on the key differentiators your company can offer and how these can address your prospect’s specific concerns, your sales provider will be able to set your company apart from the rest of the competition, resulting in increased sales.

    Get Personal and See Results
    Research has shown that relevant emails sent to a segmented audience drive up to 18 times more revenue than generic email blasts. While this statistic only covers email communication, the principal remains true even through phone or other types of communication: people like to know that they are valued, and the best way for sales reps to show that they are valued is by taking a personal approach to their sales. If your sales provider is not following the steps above, consider engaging with one who is committed to offering only high-quality B2B sales services.