• Gauging the Success of Telemarketing Campaigns

    Ever wonder what factors determine a successful lead generation or telemarketing campaign? You are not alone. Many organizations look for ways to build a return on investment when managing a telemarketing campaign. There are many factors to consider and it can be quite confusing trying to determine which factors will accurately gauge the success of a lead generation or telemarketing campaign.

    By speaking with a number of professionals, here are the common factors all have found play a key role in gauging the success of a program.

    An integrated marketing plan outlines the marketing activities that will deliver the greatest impact on your target audience and produce the maximum return on the marketing investment. An integrated plan blends research, marketing and communication strategies together to ensure that every aspect of marketing your association is executed in a cohesive fashion.


    Not only is the success of a telemarketing campaign based on the skill sets of a team of inside sales professionals, it is also built on the validity of a database of prospects. Businesses have to put significant consideration into whether or not they will build the list on their own or purchase the list from a reputable provider. List quality is a major factor and the success of any telemarketing campaign depends on the company and contact relevancy of prospects.

    Inside Sales Professionals

    As is mentioned here, there are qualifications and skill sets that an inside sales professional should possess to help drive a successful telemarketing campaign. The ability of a sales professional to effectively hunt can drive huge results to any program.


    Set appropriate expectations. What are realistic goals? How many leads are needed to garner a positive return on investment? Setting appropriate expectations from the start of a lead generation or telemarketing campaign makes it less likely to find any negative surprises later in the program.

    Determining expectations also makes it easier to track and forecast the anticipated highs and lows in the marketplace. Through forecasting, businesses can accurately establish realistic goals and can proactively adjust their lead goals on a monthly or weekly basis as needed. Having realistic expectations from the beginning of a telemarketing campaign helps the partnership between an organization and the clients they service.

    Key Messaging

    Creating effective messaging will generate higher receptivity in your target market. Businesses have to make the offering relevant and interesting enough that the prospect will want to take action. Developing a messaging strategy also allows businesses to segment their product offering and customize the messaging for each market.

    Valid opportunity

    Determine what a valid opportunity looks like to your organization. This is also the definition of a lead when it comes to your telemarketing and lead generation efforts. Understand the market and what that means to your business.

    Contact rate

    Organizations put a lot of time and effort into building or purchasing a list of prospects. There is also a considerable amount of time put into finding the right sales professionals to drive the lead generation or telemarketing efforts. Contact rate is defined by the actual number of prospects the inside sales professionals spoke with. The contact rate can accurately gauge the productivity of the sales professionals as well as the validity of the database provided.

    Conversion rate

    How many prospects have successfully been converted into qualified leads? This is one of the most important aspects to gauge the successfulness of any lead generation, lead nurturing or telemarketing campaign. What were the results? How many closed sales did you receive from the amount of leads generated? Depending on your sales cycle it may take time to fully understand what your telemarketing or lead generation campaign did to drive business opportunities. But closely tracking this is a bona fide method to fully gauge the success of your lead generation or telemarketing campaign.

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