Fostering Customer Engagement

Selling The Benefits Of Software Through Technical Support

As your software company tries to take new products or services to marketing, you’ve likely worked hard on drafting up technical documentation and filming video tutorials. Unfortunately, your current or prospective customers are often not going to read or watch the information that’s right there in front of them.

In these busy, distracting modern times of ours, most software customers don’t have the time to sit down and read through a technical manual. They don’t want to struggle with implementing your software. In such a competitive IT space, you can’t lose customers to your competitors who do provide some level of technical support.

Technical support in software sales has become a key selling point, as users will always need support. Your customers want assurance that a person will be on the other end of the line for support when they need it.

Knowing someone is there to answer questions or fix technical issues absolutely will influence a software user’s purchasing decision.

Software sales that offer technical support should focus on two core areas of the sales process: pre-close and post-sale activities.

As your software sales team works to close deals and carry the client to implementation and beyond, technical support via sales engineers helps build strong client relationships – the key to their continued satisfaction.

Pre-Close Technical Support In Software Sales

As your sales reps work to close deals with prospective customers, technical support lends a level of acumen for a consultative approach to the sales process, which is critical to building credibility and trust. This is one reason why sales engineers exist – to help build that foundation for a strong business relationship.

When it comes to providing technical solutions (or even not-so-technical solutions) in the pre-close portion of the sales process, sales engineers are highly relationship focused. They are able to get heavy on the technical aspects of the software, but also are skilled at simplifying the language and conversation to speak candidly with any customer.

What’s truly beneficial about the presence of a sales engineer or other technical support is that you have someone who isn’t just talking fluff. This is beyond the usual salesman wheelin’ and dealin’. Technical support comes in and looks at a prospect’s current system, taking them through steps to implement your software, and showcasing the ease of use and value before the prospect has put any money down.

Post-Sale Technical Support In Software Sales

As soon as a customer crosses the line to software implementation, things can become technical-heavy. This is often a frustration point for new customers, especially if there’s a lack of technical support.

In the implementation phase, where you’re getting things rolling for the customer, it’s important to make this a smooth process for them. The pre-sale technical support person involved is going to scope out implementation, so the customer experiences no pains while setting up your software.

It should be a sales engineer’s job to check in and make sure a customer’s order has been fulfilled as they discussed during pre-close. In fact, it’s not a handoff and a cutoff at all – it’s a handoff and a check-in down the road.

And, while there’s the sales funnel that ends at the initial closed sale, at that point a brand new sales funnel opens up. This is where your software sales reps start to think about retention and customer satisfaction in the form of upgrades and upselling new, beneficial features or add-ons. This new sales funnel also needs a sales engineer or some type of technical support to once again guide the customer to truly understand the value.

You Must Teach Your Features

Software sales is all about selling benefits, and that requires baking your features into benefits. Technical support is a solid way to let prospects and current customers know why they will benefit from what you are offering.

This type of support-driven revenue offers a way for you to maximize the potential of every call with customers by offering them a fuller solution.

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