• Five Secrets to Sales Success

    Okay so I admit that they aren’t closely held secrets; in fact you’ve probably heard these before. However it’s probably a good idea to keep them in mind if you are looking for tips for success during your sales career.

    Preparation – Sales professionals should never “wing it”. Always come prepared to sales calls so that you will be taken seriously when you give your pitch. Trust us, your prospects will appreciate it and will not be under the impression that you are wasting their time.

    Develop a pipeline – We aren’t talking about just another list of names and numbers. This is finding prospects where you’ve determined that your product or service would be a good fit through a process of lead generation.

    Build rapport – I would hope that at this point in your sales career, you have witnessed the value in building rapport with prospects. You’ve got to get them to trust you and when they do, you’ll start to notice that they become more inclined to purchase from you.

    Bring value – Listen to your customer when they discuss their needs and don’t automatically assume they need whatever it is you’re selling. If it doesn’t make good business sense for your client or prospect to purchase, don’t pressure them to do so. They will thank you for it later.

    Network – Don’t stop communicating with clients once you’ve closed the sale. If you provide a great service, satisfy their needs and have an overall happy client, ask them for referrals. This is an easy way to develop your sales pipeline like we discussed above.

    What successes have you seen from using these sales techniques? From your experience, what best practices can you share using other sales secrets?