• Everyone Wants to Be a Part of the Crowd

    It’s often said, “everyone likes to be a part of the crowd.” This is always true, especially when it comes to sales. Yes, every customer has their own challenges they face during the day, but most of their challenges are the same other companies face during the day as well.

    Part of the Crowd (Mike Malz)

    As you talk to your customers and discuss their challenges, it’s always great to let them know that other have the same concerns – “That’s a common concern I’ve heard from other customers.” When the customer hears that, they then realize they are not the only one that has the issue. In using this approach, the customer is put at ease and is more receptive to the conversation, since they now know this issue is affecting others and there could be a resolution.

    Below are some approaches you can try and see which one works for you:

    • “Thanks for sharing this information, one of the items you mentioned is something I’ve heard from others as a concern as well….”
    • “Funny you should mention ________, I just spoke to someone 20 minutes ago with the same concern.”

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    Photo by Mike Matz