• Engaging Customers Online: Live Chat, Digital Forms & 5 Other Great Tools

    The online world is large, with many competitors for a customer’s attention and money. In this atmosphere, you must work harder to get noticed, to nurture leads, and to keep customers once you have them. Customer engagement is the key to exceptional customer service online. The tools outlined below can help you connect with customers in ways that will keep them happy and loyal.

    1. Live chat: With a live chat application, you can engage directly with your customer, conversing by typing comments, questions, and answers back and forth. As a means of customer engagement, live chat is nearly as effective as a telephone conversation or an in-person talk. Both leads and customers can get immediate answers to questions and responses to issues.
    2. Digital forms: Digital forms also offer a method of customer engagement that reaches you directly, although the interaction can be delayed. They are much like writing notes or letters, allowing your customers to comment on specific matters. You can also create customized forms, surveys, and questionnaires that can encourage responses on very specific issues.
    3. Webinars: Webinars are web-based seminars, usually centered around a single topic. They can take the form of lectures where participants listen to a speaker’s talk and then ask questions to get answers, or they can be as free-form and interactive as any live class. Webinars allow you to educate and inform your customers about important issues while providing them with another way to engage with you.
    4. Social media: Social media is everywhere, and modern companies are well advised to get involved. Having a Facebook page and accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and other important social media platforms are considered the norm. You’ll stick out, and not in a good way, if you don’t participate in social media. Start and maintain a Facebook page, learn to send tweets and do so regularly. You’ll find social media to be a quick and convenient way to engage with your customers.
    5. Blogs: Close on the heels of your social media should be your blogs, since blogs and social media content often work together to enhance their individual messages. An entertaining, informative blog helps keep your customers informed about your company and its activities. A blog also gives you the opportunity to comment about issues in your industry and provide helpful advice for your readers. You can use a blog to help establish yourself as a trustworthy thought leader in your industry.
    6. Customized content: You can use customized content to present advice, how-to articles, and other information on subjects related to your company’s offerings. Customized content can also be more personal. For example, you can send personalized greetings to customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other important dates. If you know a customer has particular hobbies or interests, you can also forward links or articles on those subjects. This will help keep you in your customers’ awareness, which will pay off when they again need what your company offers.
    7. Video: Video thrives online, as the popularity of sites such as YouTube makes clear. With video, you can enhance customer engagement by showing your products in use, revealing how they’re made, or presenting customer testimonials from real persons. Videos of speeches or sales presentations allow customers to see and hear the people they’re dealing with at your company, which improves customer relations.

    Effective customer engagement online can mean the difference between success and failure in business. Contact us at Invenio for expert advice and assistance on ways to improve and expand your customer engagement and to discuss ways we can boost your lead nurturing and customer service with better engagement techniques.