• Effective Lead Generation Cold Calling

    Ah, the dreaded lead generation cold call. Why is it that businesses and prospects alike cringe at hearing this phrase? For one reason or another, it is often perceived as a negative selling technique in lead generation that doesn’t seem to be a glamorous as other forms of selling. However, cold calling is very important in sales as many business relationships start this way.

    Here are a few tips to make the most of your lead generation cold calling:

    1. Know who you’re calling – Yes, part of the first lead generation call is to uncover interest and fact find. But sales professionals still need to do some research and preparation. Prospects know instantly if the caller on the other end is knowledgeable. Sellers do not want to start out asking questions where the answers can easily be found on the prospect website. Sales professionals will quickly lose credibility and decrease the chances of converting the prospect into a closed sale.
    2. Be the expert – Know your products, the benefits they provide and the solutions they offer. Understand your prospect’s industry to talk about how your business offering can help solve the challenges they are facing. This leads to better lead generation phone conversations, as the prospect forgets that this was ever a cold call to begin with. Suddenly they start to think about what it is you are telling them and are open to hearing your business proposal.
    3. Uncover Unmet Needs – When cold calling, sales professionals need to determine if the business offering matches the prospects needs. In order to do this, sales needs to research the prospects’ organization, become knowledgeable in the industry and uncover pain by asking probing questions. Doing so will not only help build trust and show credibility, but may also push prospects to start doing business with you.


    So what does effective cold calling mean to your business? Utilizing these tips could result in a more effective use of time for your sales organization that can provide better sales results. How does your organization conduct lead generation cold calls? Any tips you can share?