• Don’t Let Them Go! Maximize Brand Loyalty with Customer Nurturing

    Your customers deserve as much attention as your leads, if not more. For the same reason you do not stop watering a plant once it is grown, you should not reduce your nurturing efforts after converting a lead to sale. Keep reading to learn how to extend your nurturing efforts past the sale and turn customer loyalty into an incredibly powerful lead generation tool.

    Why Should You Nurture Your Customers?

    flowersCustomer nurturing is an easy way to develop strong and long-lasting loyalty for your brand. Whether you realize it or not, current customers can become your greatest asset in terms of lead generation. In fact, 78% of consumers show loyalty by spreading the word about your company and products. Brand advocacy plays a major role in the customer decision journey, as it is drives the ROI of your inbound marketing efforts. With increased loyalty comes better engagement, leading to improved exposure and higher website traffic.

    The 3 Essential Components of Successful Customer Nurturing

    1. Be Authentic – Don’t Give Them A Reason To Leave

    Staying truthful to your values and mission is essential in customer nurturing. You spent large amounts of time and money pre-sale to make sure your company’s image aligns with your customers’ expectations. Do not throw it all away! Keep your message consistent throughout the purchase cycle. It is the reason your client picked you over the competition.

    2. Listen – They Will Tell You What They Want

    Good relationships are based on effective communication, and effective communication starts with listening. Customers have many media channels through which they can and will express themselves about their experience with a brand. Do not see it as a threat but as an incredibly rich source of information that you should use in order to maintain a high quality relationship with your client. Listen and react as you learn about your customers’ needs and wants. As you develop better communication practices, you will see brand loyalty go up considerably, and you will also gain better control over your company’s online reputation.

    3. Delight – Meeting Your Customers’ Expectation is Good; Exceeding Them Is Even Better

    Steve Jobs once said, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” This vision translates in terms of products, service, and content. Always be one step ahead of your customers and surprise them! Find your way of telling them they are special, and prove them they made the right decision by putting their trust in your hands.

    How do you nurture your customers? What other strategies have been proven to be effective for you in the past? Let us know on Twitter (@InvenioMS).

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    Image by Jonny Goldstein