• Don’t Let Industry Upheaval Kill Your Telecom Sales Process

    The telecommunications industry has undergone massive upheaval in the last fifteen years.

    According to IBM’s “Telco 2015” report, only 15% of the global population had access to a telephone in 1999. In 2014 alone, more than 1.25 billion smartphones were shipped to that same population, according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. The numbers are even more eye popping when looking at Internet accessibility.

    Navigate Industry Upheaval Successfully Within Your Telecom Sales Process

    With all this market disruption and fierce competition, acquiring new business telecom customers has become a costly process.

    To ensure that industry upheaval doesn’t negatively impact your telecom sales process, consider these ways on how your business should adapt to the changing B2B sales environment within the telecom sector.

    Understand Telecom-Specific Pains

    Whether you’re managing an in-house sales team or outsourcing sales to a partner, ensure that your sales approach aligns with the norms and expectations of the telecom industry. Everything from closing rates to lead generation and sales process timing must be telecom-specific. Furthermore, you need a sales team that understands those nuances within the telecom selling space.

    Securing a stronger connection with your telecom prospects and customers requires you to fully understand all of their pains and problems. While it may seem intuitive to document surface-level pains, you need to dive deeper into their most pressing problems if you plan to beat your competitors to the sale.

    Meet The Telecom Needs Of SMB Leaders

    Most small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have a multitude of urgent pains and needs when it comes to telecom. In many cases, their business models are complex, with equally complex telecom needs. That’s why your telecom sales team must stay abreast of the changing tides and trends within the industry, specifically as those trends relate to business phone and Internet services.

    The most common pains and worries among SMB owners in the United States include:
    • High taxes on their phone and/or Internet bill
    • Continued fax machine functionality
    • Order of phone rings from one line to the next
    • High-performing voicemail functionality
    • Billing and rate increases

    Watch Your Competition

    The final step to understanding telecom-specific pains is to keep an eye on your competition. In many cases, understanding how your competitors sell to potential telecom prospects can help your sales team go one step further – ensuring you capture those leads and finalize more deals.

    A changing industry requires an evolving approach to telecom sales. Even as more rapid changes appear on the horizon, your sales team should remember these principles in order to continually adapt and consistently close sales.

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