• How Digital Marketing Reinforces The Role Of A Solid Sales Partner

    How easy is it for salespeople to think marketing is giving them bad leads, while marketing just assumes salespeople don’t know what they’re doing? Very easy. But you have a big problem if your digital marketing and sales departments don’t get along.

    Today, marketing must support your sales efforts. The question is, how do you bridge the gap between these often disconnected departments?

    It makes good business sense to outsource to a sales partner – an extra resource to make calls and set appointments from a list of generated marketing leads so your sales pipeline stays full.

    However, be warned: The traditional call center as we know it has become outdated.

    Call Center Versus Sales Center: Out With The Old

    If your outsourced sales partner isn’t asking about your marketing initiatives, it’s safe to assume they’re working under traditional call center methodologies.

    To truly bridge the gap between your marketing and sales departments, you need a sales partner that places an emphasis on your marketing efforts. They should understand what pieces of marketing content you have to push out to prospective customers.

    Without content offers to support the continuous educational process, your sales partner’s job is more difficult and is going to take longer. Digital marketing content fuels the engagement.

    Although a sales partner isn’t closing the deal, they do need to possess the skills of a salesperson.

    Your salespeople are there to close the deal. Your sales partner is running a sales center, using your digital marketing content to reach highly targeted prospects and turn them into warm, sales-ready leads. They take your “stories” to the next level to get further down the funnel.

    Digital marketing can produce a high number of leads, but it’s still difficult to identify the actual opportunity – that’s when your outsourced sales partner is equipped to have one-to-one conversations.  After having dialogue with prospects, your sales partner determines if the lead is ready.

    Why Outsourcing A Sales Center Matters: Bridging The Gap

    As stated early in this post, the gap between your marketing and sales departments must be narrowed. With a sales center, you have skilled salespeople actively reaching out to those customers who don’t respond to the passive messaging of digital marketing content.

    There’s still a whole universe of buyers who need a real conversation to make a purchase. An outsourced sales partner facilitates the conversation, whereas marketing automation could take six months to a year to produce results.

    Likewise, an outsourced sales partner may offer digital marketing services where you have no initiatives happening, such as lead nurturing drip campaigns.

    A true sales partner could potentially be hired by a marketing or sales department within a company, because they focus on best practices for prospecting and creating continuous activity that buyers are looking for today.

    Ready to bridge the gap with an expert sales partner?

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