• 7 Differences between Good and Great Sales People

    There are many good sales people – not nearly as many great ones. The difference between good sales people and great ones is not so big. It’s not so much about what the rep does but how the great ones approach what they do.

    great sales people

    1. Good sales people are proficient at doing their job. Great sales people are always enthusiastic about their job. They approach their work in an eager and excited manner and are passionate about helping their customers. Their enthusiasm is contagious and spurs action by their prospects.

    2. Good sales people know their product and the benefits it offers. They can, and often do, spend their time telling all this to their prospects. Great sales people have the same information but never talk too much. They spend their talk time asking questions. They get their prospect talking and in doing so discover their prospects’ needs, priorities and personas, so they not only adjust the information but they deliver to fit.

    3. Good sales people know the goals set by management and work to achieve them. Great sales people are extremely goal-oriented and set their own goals. They know their best accomplishments and strive daily to surpass all of them.

    4. Good sales people follow the “Golden Rule” and treat their prospects the way they themselves want to be treated. Great sales people follow the “Platinum Rule” and take their wants out of it. They treat their prospects the way the prospect wants to be treated.

    5. Good sales people appreciate a customer that does business with them. Great sales people are grateful and will often voice their gratitude. They also let the team around them know of their gratitude.

    6. Good sales people listen to their customers and make note of their requirements. Great sales people are active listeners; their focus is like a laser beam and they are not easily distracted when talking with their customers. Their notes are not confined to product requirements. They include details of their prospects’ personal interests, attitudes and experiences.

    7. Good sales people are focused on selling their product to their prospect. Great sales people are always focused on solving problems, not just making a sale. They know the key to making more sales is solving more problems for their prospects and customers.

    It is not difficult to move from good to great. Take a step-by-step approach. Pick one of these areas, put a reminder to incorporate it in plain sight and work on it every day to form a habit of it. Once that habit is established, move on to another, then another. Make yourself one of the great ones!

    Oh, another place where the difference between the good and the great can be found? In their paycheck!

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