• Debunking The Lead Generation Myths That Kill Your Sales Funnel

    If you struggle with an unpredictable flow of qualified buyers, you may experience lulls in your business. What you need is a steady stream of prospects moving through your sales pipeline, and your lead generation strategy is the key.

    Basing your sales process on inaccurate notions about lead generation negatively impacts your relationships with prospects, your ability to identify sales-ready leads and how many deals you close. Consider the following lead generation myths and whether buying into them is killing your sales funnel:

    1. More Leads Is Always Better

    Many salespeople argue that your company should constantly work for more leads. However, this is not always true if the leads are low quality and you don’t have enough people on your sales team to qualify them.

    You need to follow up on high-quality leads at the top of your sales funnel right away, or they may move on to a competitor. So, it’s best to ensure you are reaching out to the right, qualified leads and contacting them in time.

    2. Focus On One Sales Channel

    Your customer base is not aligned with a single sales channel. Customers expect to interact with you in a variety of ways, so you need to have multiple sales channels covered. Don’t expect to mine every opportunity, but start focusing on a diverse approach to demand generation and sales.

    Whether that means purchasing contact lists and warming them up to be potential customers or interacting with them and reaching out to them on social media, your prospects need multiple sales channel options so you have a presence in their line of view.

    3. Only Face-To-Face Lead Generation Is Effective

    While it is sometimes beneficial to exhibit at trade shows and meet prospects in person, it is not always necessary to have a face-to-face meeting with potential clients. Knocking on doors is now an outdated lead generation strategy.

    Prospects require a genuine connection with your business. Your website may appeal to their specific pain points, or a simple phone call that creates a genuine conversation may demonstrate that your sales team understands their needs.

    4. Write A Sales Script

    Relying on a sales script is one way to cast a shadow over your customer relationships. Sales conversations do not always follow a strict pattern, and a rigid script is likely to sound stilted and unnatural.

    To move through the sales pipeline, prospects need to be able to ask questions and find answers to their unique set of problems. When your salespeople simply read a predetermined text, their attention is not focused on listening to and addressing prospects’ concerns.

    5. You Need An In-House Lead Generation Team

    One of the most common myths is that businesses are only able to control their message to prospects if 100% of lead generation is managed in-house. While brand representation is an important component of an effective sales process, an outsourced team is able to act as an extension of your business.

    Professional lead generation specialists are trained to represent the brand image that makes your company unique. You maintain complete control of how your company is viewed while appointment-setting experts communicate your highly targeted message.

    By outsourcing lead generation, you ensure that you pursue only highly qualified opportunities. Your lead generation specialists focus on a relationship-based approach to selling that moves prospects seamlessly through your sales pipeline.

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