• Data Enhancement Not Just for B-to-C Anymore

    Have you ever rented a list and provided specifications like “Financial Services and Healthcare Companies” only to receive the list and delete 1/3 because they were taco stands, ATM locations, or IRS offices? Or worse yet, not deleted them and they responded to your campaigns? Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it.

    Our colleagues in the business-to-consumer sector have long leveraged services to enhance consumer data – buying behaviors, credit history, etc. We in B-to-B now have options available to us as well.

    For instance, did you know:

    • You can verify the accuracy of rented lists by simply running matching reports to view summaries of Industry, Revenue, and Employees?
    • You can easily append Industry, Revenue, and Employees to your marketing and sales database or rented lists?
    • You can acquire additional sites for those companies already in your marketing database?
    • You can find more companies that “look like” those that are already in your marketing or customer databases – including contacts likely to be involved in decisions for your types of products?

    But it doesn’t stop there. Imagine asking your sales organization for a list of companies that they would like to get a “foot in the door” with but haven’t been unsuccessful. You can take that list of raw company names, append demographic and Firmographic (Industry, Revenue, Employees) information, and acquire additional sites at those companies along with viable contacts.

    These types of account profiles could make an immediate impact on sales numbers and provide you with a viable list of marketable prospects.

    Want meaningful results from your lead generation campaigns? Invenio can deliver. For more information, contact Invenio today.