• Customizing Lead Nurturing for Different Segments

    Lead nurturing, when implemented correctly, can be highly beneficial in business-to-business endeavors.  By targeting a prospective client through lead nurturing, the process is effective at accelerating the conversion rate of leads to sales.  However, the process of lead nurturing is complex and can be difficult to navigate, particularly when faced with a database that is filled with prospects that have different roles and interests. To be successful, it is not sufficient to create a single lead nurturing strategy, as the database will need to be segmented into like groups, and each group requires a unique approach. Taking unique approaches to individual segments can prove very productive in engaging and marketing to a prospect.

    There are several ways to segment prospects for better lead nurturing.  Segmenting generally involves identifying a strategy based on a target’s demographic information as well as the product or service a client is interested in. You may segment vertically, in which case each vertical receives a unique message.  Alternatively, you may segment by product, specifying different products that require different lead nurturing techniques.  Buying stage is another way to segment prospects, as the early and late stages of buying usually have different interests and need to be treated differently.  Finally, the title of a prospect plays an important part in segmenting a prospect.  For instance, marketing versus sales roles could each require specialized approaches.

    Through a smart and well-thought out lead nurturing strategy, a prospect may be turned from a lead into a successful sale. Let Invenio® nurture your leads and deliver more sales-ready prospects straight to you!