• Three Cross-Selling Best Practices

    As companies aim to increase top line revenue, many are turning to cross-sell and up sell programs to the existing customer base, which lead to a great source of highly profitable revenue. With this in mind, many marketers are focusing time and resources to take advantage of this opportunity. Here are 3 cross-selling tips that will help you make the best out of your cross-selling efforts:


    1. Segment and target the database: Capturing as much info as possible on each target when you are building a database enables you to segment the lists on multiple variables for marketing purposes down the road. As a result, marketing campaigns will garner higher returns because they are more relevant to the recipient.

    2. Personalize campaigns: Although the key messages and pain points may resonate with an entire segment, personalizing each campaign as much as possible is ideal. After all, since they are already a customer, your company should “know them” well. The more a company can speak to an individual target’s needs, the better the experience for the prospect, and the more likely they will progress through the sales funnel quickly.

    3. Create multi-channel campaigns: Reaching prospects through various channels is important and providing content rich communication is ideal. For example, at Invenio®, we focus on a variety of communication channels that are very personalized to each recipient and resonate with them. It is our goal to create and grow a relationship with prospects versus just pushing information to them in a one sided fashion.

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    Photo by Barry Skeates