• Converting a Lead to a Sale through Inside Sales Lead Generation

    One way of converting a lead to a sale is through inside sales lead generation. This is used to create a demand for a product or service by reaching prospects directly to determine prospect needs, timeline to purchase, budget and buying authority.  Typically inside sales efforts are done by telephone sales professionals to further qualify sales leads, which are then handed off to the senior sales or field sales team. Some organizations may also utilize inside sales groups to perform full sales cycle functions as a cost effective solution when compared to traditional outside sales functions. Inside sales is a proven source of demand generation as businesses can track how many prospects have converted to customers.

    Inside sales lead generation also makes life easier on sales teams because their time is spent selling versus cold calling into businesses. In fact, CSO Insights found that out of the 1,275 organizations with defined lead generation practices surveyed, have a 9.3% higher sales quota achievement rate, convert more prospect leads to first calls by 16.5% and have a higher sales win rate by 7%, compared to organizations that do not have these practices in place.

    Discuss what your organization has seen through its inside sales lead generation efforts. Have you noticed an increased sale quota achievement rate or higher sales?