• Why Content Marketing is King

    Content marketing in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer arenas has for years been based on the idea that “content is king.” Marketers have heard this statement so often, perhaps, that the phrase has lost some of its meaning. Like any cliche or often-repeated maxim, however, there are some fundamental truths behind the idea that content is king in a marketing context. Here are some reasons why content is still king in modern marketing and why it is likely to maintain its place on the throne.

    • Content is your message: Content not only serves as the container for your sales message but also as the message itself. It is the words and images you use to tell your customers what you have to offer, how your products and services will benefit them, and how they can acquire those benefits for their own. Content’s strongest claim to a position of royalty is based on the fact that you can’t separate content from your message–it comprises everything from your advertising to your website to the interactions you have with your customers. A blank page will not sell. A bland website will not inform. If for no other reason, content is king because without it, there can be no marketing communication.
    • Content informs your customers: Content tells your customers what they need to know about your business and your offerings. It reveals your company history, your customer service goals, your mission statement. Content conveys crucial information about features–size, shape, color, method of delivery–and benefits–improved health, more wealth, increased prestige–of your products and services. You can also expect that good, informative content will keep your customers engaged and interested, leading to results such as increased and longer visits to your website. Content marketing that is directed at informing, assisting, or entertaining leads and customers is most likely to pay off with the greatest dividends.
    • Content gives your customer something useful: Good content gives your leads and customers something useful that helps them resolve some of their pain points. This means that some of your content will, by default, result in your giving away some of your advice and expertise. By offering free content with genuine value, however, you create the foundation of a strong business relationship. Content builds trust between you and your customers, demonstrating that you are “on their side.” By giving away some beneficial content, you can boost your reputation and establish yourself in a coveted thought leader position in your industry. Good content freely given can also instill a sense of obligation that leads to you being rewarded with a sale.
    • Content improves search engine rankings and SEO results: Search engine rankings–which, for all intents and purposes, means your place on Google search engine results pages, or SERPs–are influenced heavily by the content that you include on your website. Your content marketing efforts, by extension, can also influence these rankings. The methods that Google uses to arrange its search results are carefully guarded secrets, but it has been shown time and again that companies that produce good content, regularly updated and expanded, can rank highly. Search engine optimization techniques can help improve rankings, but it appears that informative, useful content will continue to lead to higher SERP placement.

    Whether you’re just starting out with your content marketing efforts or you want to ramp up your content creation, Invenio can help you find the best way to use content marketing to secure more leads, build customer relationships, and increase your revenues. Contact us at Invenio today for more information on using content marketing to give your business a competitive edge.