• Common Sales Questions to ask C-level Executives

    In lead generation telesales, it can be difficult to get the decision makers on the phone. Many times, sales needs to work through the gate keeper before the opportunity to speak with the decision maker presents itself. When lead generation telesales reps get an executive on the line, they need to be prepared with the correct questions to ask in order to have a meaningful sales conversation.  Based off our experience, below are some questions that have given us success.

    1)      How do you prioritize upcoming investments that you plan to make for your business?

    2)      In terms of forecasting, are you on target to meet this year’s sales objectives?

    3)      What challenges do you anticipate for the year ahead?

    4)      At the same time, what opportunities do you see?

    5)      Some organizations are struggling with finding new business and facing increasing sales cycles. Is your organization having the same struggles?

    What questions does your sales group ask when speaking with C-level executives? What resonates the most in your industry?