• Client Success Story: How Outsourced Inside Sales Helped CipherHealth

    CipherHealth provides healthcare technology solutions to hospitals and healthcare systems, helping to solve fundamental issues in the healthcare industry. Cipher’s software platforms are designed to reduce preventable readmissions and increase patient satisfaction through improved quality of care.

    The Problem: Growth And A Lack Of Sales Team Resources

    Cipher started out as a small healthcare technology company, and was experiencing high demand and rapid growth in the marketplace. However, without a big budget to hire the type of sales talent it was looking for, not enough inside sales reps were coming to the table.

    The healthcare technology company needed people fast and started outsourcing its inside sales to a small boutique firm. Unfortunately, that firm failed meet Cipher’s needs.

    Cipher originally thought it needed salespeople with a clinical background, such as RNs or other caretakers, but found out that what it really needed were dedicated inside sales reps capable of conducting intelligent conversations and asking the right questions during the top-of-the-funnel engagement with prospective clients.

    The Solution: Outsourcing An Inside Sales Solution

    Cipher decided to partner with Invenio Solutions for an inside sales solution. In addition to conducting pre-appointment setting activities, we also helped to build up Cipher’s contact database and follow up on educational content sent to prospects.

    To really integrate into Cipher’s sales process, each Invenio inside sales rep was partnered with one of Cipher’s outside salespeople.

    We also provided an unexpected value for Cipher simply through great communication, as our outsourcers were always willing to provide market feedback. They also consistently exceeded expectations from a call volume perspective as well as the number of meetings scheduled.

    The Result: Time Saved And Sales Success Secured

    Invenio delivered Cipher an overall high-level partnership that was more than the healthcare technology company could’ve hoped for. With instant access to inside sales reps, trainers, coaches and Invenio’s executive team acting as mentors, Cipher received a support system that ensured its success.

    By enhancing the scheduled appointments and communication between hospitals and outside sales reps, Invenio saved Cipher’s sales team time by managing a large part of the process. Through mentoring, consistency and our ability to perform, we took Cipher’s sales team and revenue to the next level.

    The results with Invenio were so strong that Cipher shifted its strategy from outsourcing for a short- term need to now leveraging Invenio as a core component of its sales and marketing infrastructure for future growth.

    View this video testimonial of Cipher’s success story and imagine how Invenio can help you.