Choosing The Right Outsourced Sales Partner

3 Key Questions To Ask Potential Providers

Outsourcing sales programs is never an investment risk if you partner with the right provider. The key is to know what to look for in an outsourced sales partner, and determine if they are constantly adapting and responding to lead and demand generation trends.

3 Key Questions To Ask Potential ProvidersTo ensure you partner with an expert outsourced sales partner, one with a proven track record for success, ask the following questions:

Question #1: Does the provider have subject matter experts who understand key factors for program success?

The level of experience your outsourced sales partner has is critical. Are they experts in understanding how to adapt to selling your product or service? The last outcome you want for your outsourced sales program is termination due to lack of subject matter expertise after you have won buy-in for and launched your program with a partner. To analyze if a potential outsourced sales partner has a high level of expertise, you must consider several attributes prior to choosing one.

Read the bios of their executive team and determine if they have plenty of experience in sales services in particular industries that are relevant to your business. Then, search around their website for educational content that showcases innovative thinking and knowledge.

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand today, and if the provider isn’t exemplifying that combined effort on their own website, you don’t want to outsource your sales efforts to them.

Question #2: What is your potential outsourced sales partner passionate about?

Each sales program is going to be different, but there are a few core attributes that apply to almost all programs. Your outsourced sales partner should be passionate about:

  • Developing a large, quality lead database
  • Creating an internal process for sales to act quickly
  • Establishing substantive feedback on lead quality
  • Planning for how to nurture opportunities that aren’t yet sales-ready
  • Providing training readiness materials for your sales reps
  • Fostering open dialogue and collaborative problem solving

Question #3: Does your potential outsourced sales partner have a proven track record for success?

When looking to outsource some of your sales efforts, never team up with a provider that only gives promises without proof points. Past sales program performance is a strong indicator for how successful they will be with your current sales program.

Take the time to look for their online case studies and client testimonials, and pay special attention to those companies that are in your industry. This is only meant to be a high-level view of their success rate. You should also dig deeper and ask a provider the following questions:

  • What percentage of engagements do you meet, exceed and miss quota?
  • Describe a time when you were underperforming. How did you handle the situation?
  • Can you refer me to a few clients with whom you’ve had long-term engagements?

With the right outsourced sales partner, your business benefits from a robust sales cycle and a shorter ramp-up time for demand and lead generation development. This partner works to unify your sales and marketing efforts. Your in-house sales reps are trained to speak with your competition, hold meaningful conversations and be technically versed on your product or services.

This is how an outsourced sales partner achieves the results you want.

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