• Channel Marketing Done Right: How Partnering Up Can Save Time and Resources

    Every brand wants to find new outlets to sell their products or services. Channel marketing allows businesses big and small to increase their sales potential by finding new partners (or channels) willing to join forces with them to achieve better sales and profits.

    Today, B2B buyers are increasingly gathering the information they need online. This means less reliance on sellers early in the sales cycle. No matter what your industry, you can drive business growth, engagement, and visibility by partnering with a third-party channel marketing service that is focused on delivering the results you need.

    What is Channel Marketing?

    Channel marketing is a seller’s plan for moving a product or service through the chain of commerce to the end customer. Channel partners can include distributors, resellers, agents, or any other type of company outside your organization.

    One of the best ways to engage with channel partners is for the purpose of addressing a specific need or opportunity you cannot satisfy alone. For example, if you lack the internal resources for effective appointment setting, digital marketing strategizing, or partner recruitment, you can leverage the expertise of a third party to handle it for you.

    Uncovering the need, length of time to requirement, and budgetary availability of your leads, as well as other administrative tasks like arranging meetings for your sales team to meet with decision makers, can take up a significant amount of time. By taking on organizational functions that would otherwise waste precious internal resources, a quality third-party provider also helps you improve staff productivity.

    5 Ways it Pays to Partner with a Channel Marketing Provider

    Here are just five reasons it pays for you to use a third-party channel marketing solutions provider:

    1. You have access to experts with the right skill sets. This lets you break out various tasks to people who, because they know the most effective techniques for securing qualified channel marketing partners, can help you achieve the best results.
    2. You’ll speed up the sales process. Instead of your internal sales people spending half their time generating meetings and hunting down qualified leads, they can devote more time to actually closing sales.
    3. Because they are skilled at gathering, analyzing, and prioritizing relevant data, you get through to the right people who are interested in your product or service.
    4. A channel expert helps you accelerate growth by accessing a wide range of prospects.
    5. You avoid taking team members away from their core competencies by letting someone else undertake the time-consuming task of lead and opportunity nurturing.

    Achieving business growth in a highly competitive market is no easy task. Working with an experienced channel marketing solutions provider lets you turn over the heavy lifting of campaign strategies, offer development, and opportunity management to a bona fide expert.

    It’s a cost-effective way to find and attract the right partners for your products and services using a specialized, customized marketing program. You’ll improve your success, connect with more qualified candidates, and boost opportunities by supplying your sales team with high-quality, opt-in leads, all of which have a measured impact on revenue.