• Beyond the Basics: Reports Companies Should Expect with Outsourced Telecom Sales

    For outsourced telecom sales, it is important to be able to see and understand what is going on within your campaign. While basic reports can provide a high-level view, they are unlikely to give you a full picture of the campaign’s activities. Therefore, it is essential that you partner with an outsourced telecom sales firm that has comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities above and beyond the basics. A few example reports that Telecommunications companies should expect include:

    Forecasting reports

    While it is useful to know how many sales have been made, it is critical to know the timing the revenue will actually flow.  In the telecom industry, this can be hard to predict, as the sale’s revenue cycle can be affected by multiple factors such as rescheduled or cancelled installs.

    Utilizing historic data, current sales and educated predictions, top performing outsourced telecom sales providers will be able to provide you with forecasted revenue schedules and monthly recurring revenue insight. Having a long-term partnership allows the sales provider to have a solid history of data to build upon in order to more accurately predict future revenue numbers, as they also have a deeper understanding of the unique factors that impact your products or services, such as seasonal trends or typical buying cycles.

    Benchmarking reports

    By comparing your campaign’s performance to that of previous periods, your sales provider is able to benchmark current progress and ensure that this progress aligns with the goals of the campaign. Using top performance indicators uncovered by analyzing the data regularly helps to identify what is working and what is not, so you can continue to improve campaign results over time.

    By looking at different factors that may affect your campaign’s performance, such as seasonality or sales cycle length, benchmarking reports can be used to identify trends and help determine ways to improve campaign performance. This method of analysis also allows for informed, proactive strategy shifts, when needed, based on the data contained in the reports.

    Rep-level performance reports:

    These more detailed reports give you an insider’s view into the performance of the reps that are representing your company. Having your outsourced firm analyze this data regularly helps to ensure consistent performance and improvement. Gaining access to this information will help you make sure that only top notch reps are working on your campaign.

    Metrics that are important to be included on this report include attrition rates, the total number of reps working on your campaign and the number of empty spaces on the sales team, as these metrics indicate the size and growth of the team working on your campaign. Additionally, performance metrics such as quota tracking and deals closed indicate the strength of the team and the progress they have made toward accomplishing the goals of the campaign.

    Beyond the Basics

    In order to have a successful outsourced telecom sales engagement, there should be a wide variety of insightful reports given to you on a regular basis, as well as, easy-to-access reports available to you on demand.  The ultimate purpose of these reports is to give you a transparent view into the operations going on within your campaign, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way. Another important thing to note is that these reports shouldn’t be simply thrown over the fence at you. Rather, the firm you are working with should take the time to explain the importance of the reports, how to pull them and how to interpret them.  Additionally, to improve reporting and tracking, a firm should have the capabilities to sync with your existing technical solutions.  By taking a partnership-approach to sales outsourcing and having access to a wide variety of reports to track progress, the client and firm both benefit, ultimately boosting campaign performance results.