• Best-in-Class Sales Providers Use Consistent Communications to Build Relationships and Drive Sales

    Many B2B sales cycles involve multiple phases and can last an extended period of time from initial contact to closing, becoming increasingly longer the larger the deal size. Regularly scheduled touch points with prospective customers help to keep your company top of mind throughout the sales cycle. It is important to ensure that your B2B outsourced sales provider uses the following best practices when interacting with prospective customers.

    Non-Transactional Based

    The focus of these communications should primarily be non-transactional based. Instead of making a blatant sales pitch the first time you interact with a prospect, focus on building a relationship and learning more about them. By beginning a dialogue with the prospect, you can uncover and capture important information such as painpoints or key players within the company. This information can help to guide the later phases of the sales process.

    According to MarketingSherpa, nearly three quarters of B2B leads are not sales-ready. Many times, prospects will not be ready to buy immediately when a sales rep makes the first contact. Instead of ignoring them and moving on to the next prospect, continue to nurture them and build the relationship further. That way, when they are ready to purchase your company is at the top of their mind.


    While it is important to remain at the forefront of a prospect’s consideration set, it is equally important to balance the frequency of communications and not overwhelm or irritate them. The appropriate timing will vary between individuals, so it is important for the sales rep to monitor the prospect’s behavior in order to adjust the frequency as needed.

    Integrated Approach

    Since different prospects respond to different methods, an integrated approach to communications is key for sales success. The unique mix of tactics for each campaign should be determined based on the preferences of your prospective customers. No matter the medium, be it phone calls, email or direct mail, it is important that consistent messaging be utilized. This minimizes the confusion (and annoyance) that a prospect may feel if they are given different messages from the same company.

    Relationships Drive Results

    In order to ensure that they will be able to drive the results you seek, it is important to ensure that your B2B outsourced sales provider follows these best practices. Rather than focusing only on building a large database of leads that may or may not ever convert to sales, successful sales providers focus on taking time to build relationships with qualified prospects and deliver exceptional results.