• Lead Generation: Habits to Leave Behind in 2014

    2013 is now gone. Why not use this opportunity to abandon with it some bad habits that are hurting your business? Improve your 2014 lead generation performance by giving up the following habits;

    breaking bad habits

    1.  Trivializing Leads

    One lead generation strategy does not fit all. Your leads are most likely competing in different landscapes, and therefore have different needs. Identifying your target should be the first step of any lead generation program. Once both your marketing and sales teams are clear on the profile of each lead and their position in the buying cycle, your nurturing strategies will align with your buyer’s needs and behavior.

    2.  Holding On to Bad Leads

    Collecting an abundance of leads might sound like a good strategy; however, if you can never convert them to revenue, are they valuable? After defining what qualified lead generation represents your business, develop a lead scoring system to know which leads have no need for your offer, have to be further nurtured, or are ready to buy.

    3.  Putting All Eggs In One Basket

    Many businesses still rely very heavily on a single channel for their marketing and/or do not integrate their communications. In 2014, no more missed sales opportunities! Make sure to diversify and integrate your channels to create multiple nurture paths that move prospects and leads through the funnel.

    4.  Overpromising

    In order to attract leads, it can be tempting to make promises on which you can’t deliver. Overpromising might severely damage the reputation of your business and decrease your lead generation results. Rather than creating disappointment, why not delight your leads and customers by keeping your engagements realistic and over-delivering instead.

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    Photo by Sophie (Flickr user)