• Back to Basics

    Most organizations have their own successful internal sales teams. But it can be a challenge finding and hiring the right people, developing the best strategies, choosing the right technology, and implementing changes that deliver better qualified leads and sustained growth. While partnering with an outside firm used to be a privilege for the few, today organizations of all sizes can take advantage of such services to grow their business.

    Back to Basics

    Conventional wisdom tells us that when things become overwhelming, it’s wise to go back to the basics. Doing so can strengthen your organization’s foundation and help you make informed decisions on how and where to best spend your time and resources.

    Most sales managers are familiar with the most basic of all sales equations:

    Effort x effectiveness = results

    Yes, it’s true that new technologies have made marketing life simpler, but the sales world itself has gotten a bit complicated. Not that long ago, a sales rep would use a landline phone to call a prospect and, hopefully, close a deal. In the digital sphere, life can be more difficult. Even scheduling an appointment takes more time and effort.

    The basics of a successful sales strategy include:

    Researching, investigating, and identifying your target audience.

    Showing prospective customers you understand their needs and pain points.

    Knowing how to communicate in a way that nurtures prospects and ensures they are armed with the right tools to make an educated decision.

    But what if you lack the internal resources to achieve your sales goals? Joining forces with a high-quality lead development and sales service company may be the way to go.

    Evaluating Options

    Many businesses wonder if it makes sense to bring in an outside firm to help with generating leads and closing deals. Often the answer is yes. Having your internal team handle everything means housing, training, managing, and maintaining an infrastructure that supports your sales goals. Does your organization have the necessary resources to handle that?

    It’s worth exploring the benefits of using a third-party firm that has a passion for selling and the expertise to drive results.  At Invenio, we analyze your internal sales approach and determine which strategy is most appropriate to generate qualified leads and close deals for your specific business.

    A specialized external sales force can outperform an internal sales team that lacks the resources a firm likes ours can provide. We do it by offering a customizable skill set that adds value and results to your already existing sales strategy. By allowing an outside firm to handle inside sales, your business:

    Saves time by not using your sales team to make cold calls or qualify the right leads. They’re then freed to build relationships with existing customers, which makes them more effective and productive to your bottom line.

    Uses its valuable resources in the most cost-efficient way. Cold calls, appointment setting, and lead acquisitions all eat into your team’s time. An outside firm eliminates the need to hire and train multiple new reps.

    Can take inside sales to the next level by adding quality and quantity to your existing sales team.

    As with most things in life, getting back to the basics can be the first step to more effective sales. An external partner can be the ideal way to expand your sales reach and effectiveness while hitting your numbers in record time. At Invenio, we help you quickly grow your inside sales team, break into new markets, ramp up quickly on projects, scale without headaches, and pivot for success. There’s no better way to generate growth and achieve a measurable return on investment.