• B2B Web Inquiry Management: Response Time

    With the continued prevalence of online marketing and social media, B2B inquiry management on the Web is increasingly significant. The inbound Web inquiries your company receives must be handled carefully, with a solid set of best practices to nurture a positive connection with every potential new relationship, effectively turning those inquiries into qualified B2B lead generation.

    Factors such as inquiry response time, nurturing campaigns for non-sales-ready leads, as well as pre-qualification, distribution and routing are strong influences on the outcome of each inquiry. Incorporate best practices into your approach to each of these factor to improve your B2B inquiry management efforts.

    In business and in life, timing is everything. So when should you follow-up with inbound inquiries to your business? There are a lot of myths floating around about the proper time frame for responding to inquiries, and many organizations seem to think waiting several hours or more is beneficial. The concern is that responding too soon may scare off potential leads or may give the impression that your B2B inquiry management is not busy or highly demanded. As a result, the average Web inquiry response time in B2B inquiry management is 31 hours.

    However, a lead response management study conducted by InsideSales.com and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed some surprising results. It was found that over 71% of surveyed individuals could actually damage chances of connecting with a new lead when B2B inquiry management delayed a response for 20 hours or more. Additional dials after 20 hours from inquiry time actually hurt your salespeople’s ability to qualify a lead. The odds of making connection decreased by over ten times if the company didn’t respond within the first hour from time of inquiry!

    Let The Lead Dogs guide your B2B inquiry management to establish the best practices for the best results.