• B2B Telemarketing: A Different Animal

    B2B telemarketing is an effective way to generate leads and close sales.  In many superficial ways, it resembles B2C telemarketing.  However, once you get past the surface similarities, it quickly becomes obvious that dealing with business-to-business sales is a completely different animal.

    Mike Wallen, CEO of The Lead Dogs, has written a useful article which illuminates the many differences.  However, we’ll highlight some of the primary points that he lays out in that handy article, which does a really good job of pointing out the pitfalls associated with treating B2B telemarketing as just another phone-based sales operation.

    A very basic (actually, perhaps the most fundamental) difference between B2B and B2C telemarketing campaigns is that the degree of thoroughness necessary to execute the former is orders of magnitude higher than that needed for the latter.  Not that you can afford to be lackadaisical when reaching directly to individual customers, but even more attention to detail is required when communicating with prospective business customers.

    There are a few reasons for this.  First, when conducting sales with a business, you’re usually dealing with several people who have the power to make decisions.  This means that, ideally, you’re aiming to satisfy several people, not just one, which is necessarily a more complex endeavor.  And since those several people need to communicate with each other throughout the sales cycle, the whole process is naturally going to take longer than when pitching a sale to a single person.  This elongated process means your sales pitch needs to be more sensitive to potential changes in both your industry and the industry of your prospective customers, which makes effective lead nurturing that much more important.

    Scale affects the sales cycle in other ways.  Consider budgetary concerns.  With B2C sales, the product being sold is usually simpler, and the budget of the customer usually clearer, than with a B2B transaction.  Finding the most influential decision-makers within a group also takes more effort than when selling to a single customer, since it’s obvious in that latter instance who holds most of the decision-making power.

    The Lead Dogs thrives off of untangling all these potentially complicating threads.  We’re an effective and experienced lead generation company that can help you get the most out of your sales team.