• B2B Solutions: Database Management

    The benefits of B2B database building and database management are well-known, as these practices encourage strong connections between compatible companies for mutual benefit. A B2B database serves as an expanded Rolodex of sorts, containing contact information of key individuals at relevant companies, as well as data on internal structure and roles within each organization. Building and maintaining these profiles can lead to fruitful alliances and long-term connections with both potential clients and industry peers. What you may not realize is that the instance of inaccurate or outdated records can make or break the effectiveness of these databases. When, for example, a company changes their email address structure or phone system, your team could inadvertently waste a lot of time reaching out in vain.

    That’s where Invenio Solutions® comes in, with our database building and database management services that provide solutions for B2B databases that work. Using our service produces a strong ROI by increasing the productivity of your sales force and team overall. Your best players can focus their hard-pressed time and energy on reaching out to meaningful individual contacts in a targeted way.  By largely or wholly eliminating the risk of misguided attempts at reaching out, your company is spared the monetary and timely expenses of these wasted efforts.

    Our streamlined process for developing a proprietary sales and marketing contact database can be customized very specifically to your needs. The approach to B2B database building begins with a careful profiling of your target customer. Then, we compile a unique database of companies that fit this profile and track down the appropriate contacts within each company. Based on your communication plans, we can capture complete, up-to-date contact information, as well as personal profile details for your convenience.

    Perhaps your business already has strategic databases in place, but you don’t want to run the risk of sitting on inaccurate information. Our database management services can effectively take over maintenance roles, ensuring no dated contacts or data-entry mistakes slip past our watchful eyes. Maintaining a B2B database is an ongoing process, demanding a proven solution for tracking important changes. At Invenio®, we’ll monitor, refine and augment the database over time to ensure that its accuracy upholds.

    To learn more details of our B2B database building and database management services, contact Invenio through our website or by calling 800.926.1754. For all of your B2B enterprise solutions, count on Invenio Solutions. We’re here for your business every step of the way, from inquiry management and lead generation to inside sales outsourcing and cross-sell and up-sell.