• B2B Sales Via Customer Base Expansion

    Adding new accounts to your repertoire is one of the most challenging, time-consuming processes we all face in the B2B sales industry, particularly in today’s market, which is competitive and clearly more advantageous to buyers than sellers. You know how hard you and your team have worked to acquire the customer base you have today, so it is proactive to think beyond basic maintenance when it comes to these current B2B sales relationships. Instead, think of your existing customers as foundations on which to build. Through targeted customer base expansion, you can increase profits outside of adding new accounts by maximizing those hard-earned customers you already serve.

    Of course, we would argue that reaching out to your B2B sales customer base is a science, to be handled delicately. Consider turning to the expertise of The Lead Dogs, who are closely familiar with strategies for understanding your clients’ needs and recognizing opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell. We use our best practices to first identify which of your clients would mutually benefit from our customer base expansion strategies, then carefully profiling their needs before making any drastic moves. The Lead Dogs specialists are highly skilled at engaging your customers frequently and strategically to ascertain such an awareness.

    Only then are we prepared to move forward with our proven selling techniques, recommending additional services that expand on your B2B sales relationship via cross-selling in different areas and/or up-selling to build on the customers’ current services. Growing your B2B sales via customer base expansion not only drives up your profits, but also solidifies customer relationships between your company and these clients. Your customers will be less likely to drop your services in favor of others’, as they will feel a sense of loyalty because you are truly taking care of them by addressing multiple needs.

    By allowing our experts at The Lead Dogs to manage your customer base expansion campaigns, you are freeing up your own time to focus on other areas of the business, including B2B lead generation and B2B inquiry management. Meanwhile, your B2B sales are sure to increase with our help.