• B2B Marketing: Developing Synergy

    At The Lead Dogs, we like to develop a comprehensive strategy that focuses on our complete array of lead generation services.  These involves employing tried-and-true tactics that we’ve developed, honed, and tested, like customer relationship development and inquiry management solutions.  The point of all this is to keep your leads pipeline full so that you and your sales team can close sales, creating value and generating revenue for your organization in an efficient, targeted manner.

    B2B lead generation is what we do, and we’re confident in our abilities.  However, even the most well-coordinated, perfectly executed campaign will hit snags if there isn’t synergistic balance between the team targeting and profiling leads and the team closing sales.  To this end, we’ve found a really well-thought-out piece about B2B marketing that delivers tips about this.  We’ll paraphrase some of what was written there, which really is pretty solid stuff.

    The general thrust of the piece is that it definitely pays to have your lead generation team and your sales team on the same page.  This, just like any major coordinating effort in a dynamic office environment, might sound simpler than it actually is, but it needn’t be overly complex.  At the core of aligning these two teams is maintaining an open line of communication.  Both groups need to be made aware of benchmarks and expectations, for example.  That way, they can move forward in their respective fields with a clear-cut and synced idea of what the definition of success is.

    The aforementioned step does wonders, but remember that “open line of communication” we referenced?  That means conversations need to be constant and dynamic and must share common ends.  Collaboration in projects, for example, is key.  Not only does working together force people to be on the same page with each other, but it creates an air of accountability that fosters closeness.