• B2B Marketing: 6 lessons learned in 2011 from 7 marketing experts

    by David Kirkpatrick, Reporter

    SUMMARY: To wrap up another year of B2B marketing, we’ve reached out to seven marketers and industry experts to offer you six tactics based on marketing lessons learned in 2011.

    Read on to find out what our expert sources said about lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing; inbound SEO; letting your customer tell you how to market to them; and making that personal touch truly personal.

    Lead Nurturing: Reengaging prospects with video

    • Generate a lead nurturing campaign made of repurposed content offering educational material. Then put the repurposed materials in a variety of formats, including video to liven it up a bit. Be sure to include a call to action in the videos to generate greater success.

    Lead Scoring: Create multiple scores for each prospect

    • Create a ‘fit’ and ‘interest’ score for each prospect based on a variety of characteristics and prospect behaviors. Fit scores would include demographics, BANT, and other data points. Interest scores are largely based on behavioral patterns of the prospect while they are on your company website.

    Lead Generation: Take advantage of social media

    • Forrester Research showing that 81% of U.S. adults online use social media. Most likely, at least some of your customers, and competitors for that matter, fall into that overwhelming majority.

    Marketing Research: Listen to your customer

    • What better way to learn more about each of your customers, than by interviewing them? Prior to the interview be sure to develop relevant and impactful questions and utilize the feedback to make any necessary changes.

    Inbound Marketing: Boost organic traffic with keyword campaigns

    • The inbound tactic of search engine optimization contains one key word — optimization. Yes, strong SEO will lead to increased organic, otherwise known as “free,” traffic. It’s just the process itself isn’t that simple. Getting the full effect of SEO takes more than unleashing a website with some metatags and content that pushes the keywords you are interested in.

    Utilize a personal touch

    • Look for opportunities to communicate something authentic and of value to your customer. It could be a thank you note, special gift, personalized letter, or just something fun or new.
    • Determine the best way to be memorable. From hand-made elements, unique sizes, tactile papers and textures, interesting printing techniques, or even hand-applied stamps, business communications can communicate a level of intimacy and special attention your customers crave.
    • Consider the best option for delivery of the communication. How you communicate can be just as important as what you communicate.


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