• B2B Lead Nurturing Program: Top 5 Things to Consider When Creating One

    Stats collected from various sources prove that b2b lead nurturing programs are a definite necessity, since many qualified leads turn out to be longer-term opportunities, versus immediate sales. So, the question is not “should I set up a nurturing program?” and instead is “what do I need to do to create the most effective b2b lead nurturing program?”

    Here are five things to consider when creating your b2b lead nurturing program:

    1. Audience Segmentation/Strategy: To setup a successful nurturing program, you must first understand your audience. To do this, you will need to think about new leads, as well as dig deep into your current leads, map out the different stages of the buying cycle and key criteria that defines each stage, identify areas of interest and create nurturing segments based on what is uncovered.

    2. Call to Action/ Goal of Program: It is important to identify the goal of your nurturing program up front and the actions that you want your different lead segments to take as they progress down the pipeline. Remember to vary offerings throughout communications to make sure you appeal to a variety of interests and always keep your offerings relevant.

    3. Messaging/Customization: Grouping leads based on their stage in the buying cycle and preferences will enable you to tailor messaging to appeal to their unique interests. The more tailored your message, the better the program will perform.

    4. Mix of Activities: In general, people respond to different types of communications. It is because of this that it is important to define a diverse mix of integrated activities as part of your nurturing program.

    5. Frequency of Communications/Triggers: For your b2b lead nurturing program, you will need to determine a communication frequency that will align with your leads preferences. In addition to regularly scheduled communications, you should also map out actions that will trigger communications based on a leads activities. While communication frequency may vary across segments, the time between scheduled emails should remain as consistent as possible.

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