• B2B Lead Nurturing Payoff

    Recent news headlines reveal the recession is finally coming to an end. In addition to the inevitable sigh of relief I and many others share, this news also means more deals will start closing and often they will be linked to shorter sales cycles. Whether a company benefits from the phenomenon or not is directly influenced by the B2B lead nurturing activities done during the downturn. What? How? Why? You may ask.

    It is simple, during an economic downturn, many businesses cut back on spending, yet the need for solutions and services still exist. The result, prospective buyers still feel pain and spend time researching options and solutions even if they don’t have budget approval to purchase. The result? By the time budgets are restored, the influencers and decision makers have completed enough research to have a clear picture of which product/service meets their needs and solves their pain. So, once they engage in an active sales cycle, they are ready to move forward quickly.

    What this means to marketers: it really reemphasizes the critical role B2B lead nurturing plays in closing sales. It’s also not too late to get started on lead nurturing if that hasn’t been a core focus to date. The key is to make sure your program is robust. It should include a variety of valuable content, be implemented through a variety of channels and be as personalized as possible to the individual recipient.